Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sunday, July 13: Blair’s Birthday Bash

Every year we look forward to Blair Campbell (Alan’s third cousin) hosting a barbeque marking his birthday. Blair’s wife Shelley Allen, and Shelley’s sister Cindy are local well known musicians (and music teachers) so after all are stuffed and sufficiently lubricated, Shelley’s guitars and drums come out, Cindy puts on her accordion, and all join in to the best of their abilities. Tonight featured an impromptu classical guitar recital by another guest, Doug Johnson. Doug tried out my guitar and found it greatly to his liking, then switched to a steel-stringed guitar and showed his virtuosity in that genre, too. We all had a marvelous time belting out the words we knew and otherwise listening to the beautiful voices of Shelley and Cindy. Happy Birthday Blair (and thanks for the shot of Laphroaig)!


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