Tuesday, July 22, 2008

July 19: Riding the Big Wave

It is a fine fact of Big Bras d’Or summer life that lobster season lasts till July 15, that three of the vessels in the lobster-boat fleet are operated by friends, and the wharf is only two kilometres down the road from our shack in the woods. While it’s regrettable for the fishermen that the price of market lobsters, just five bucks a pound, is the lowest it’s been in a quarter century, it’s a great boon to those of us who love the endearingly tasty crustaceans.

For the last decade or so the ‘Big Wave’ has wound up the lobster season with a little festival of food, music and merrymaking, an opportunity to tip a beer or two at the wharf with old friends, make a few new ones, and marvel again at all the musical talent that abounds among our friends and neighbours. Sadly, after two weeks of hot sunny weather, the skies turned grey and damp for the big day, but never mind, Big Wavers insist on having fun in whatever circumstance nature provides. The event flourishes in the hands of the same reliable volunteers year after year, and even a calloused cynic such as I am forced to admit it does a fine job of bringing out the best of our neighbours’ community spirit.

Click here for pictures from the Big Wave.

-- Alan

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