Wednesday, July 2, 2008

In Search of the Wild Orchid

We spent the Canada Day weekend socializing with friends and family and swatting away deer flies in pursuit of the wild orchid. The weekend featured visits from sister Kathleen, bro-in-law Jon, niece Mairin and her squeeze Brian. ‘The Bostons’ -- the great Bob Nagel, his nephew Dennis and Dennis’s better half, Nancy -– arrived in time to join in the festivities.

At the Englishtown Mussel Festival on Saturday some of us heard 80-year-old Lloyd Stone relate details of his solo ski trip across the highlands national park that went off the rails when, alas, he ran out of snow. Eight bucks bought us two enormous bowls of mussels, a cup of tea and dessert of blueberries on shortcake. En route to Big Harbour we crossed paths again with Great Hiker Dana Meise, still in our area after allowing himself to be distracted by the allure of the Cape Breton highlands and a whale-watching adventure.

Our quest for orchids took us on hunts along abandoned roads, from New Harris to Big Harbour and thence to Plaister Mines among the gypsum hills and cliffs. After a good day Sunday with Jon and Kathleen we liked the habitat so well we did it again on Canada day with The Mighty Sparrows, cousins Lynn & Louise. Take the measure of our flower-finding success here:

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