Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hail the Conquering Heroes

Oh Joy! Mary and Mike arrived at the cabin yesterday, tanned and oh-so-lean 84 days and 7,900 km into their Victoria-to-St. John’s bicycle odyssey. Check the flickr site (link on right) to see a little portfolio of our heroes. Mike shed 29 pounds along the way, Mary is sleek as a jungle cat. Nine provinces down, one to go before their bragging rights go right through the roof. They landed in early evening while the outside thermometer was still reading plus-80F so of course we all enjoyed a dip in the ol’ swimmin’ hole below the cabin before breaking into the Alexander Keith’s and tucking into a big pot of Jan’s best lobster chowder. Long ago in early May we joined our pals for the first leg of their transcontinental adventure, but today we’d have a hard time keeping their dust in sight. Their marvellous physical and mental state is a great advertisement for the benefits of crossing Canada by velocipede. They’re going to slow down for a few days at Big Bras d’Or, enjoy the view from the cabin porch, get some laundry done, perhaps even stretch out on the hammock for an hour or two. They’ve earned a break.


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