Sunday, September 18, 2011

Victoria Delivers Royal Welcome

Victoria embraced us like long lost pals, with relentlessly warm, sunny weather. We returned on Labour Day, our first stop the Saanich Fair, to admire nephew Cai's latest triumph, his restored 1947 Ford tractor, the grill decked out with the latest additions to the lad's blue ribbon collection.

Two days later Mary and Mike returned from four months in Scotland; we pedaled out to meet them and returned in the dark, stopping at a downtown pub to celebrate the reunion with perhaps one pitcher of beer too many.

On Friday I produced a five-part Indian feast to mark Jan's birthday; we shared the proceeds with the Scotland returnees and with Sakamoto, Jane and Von. The latter two allowed the rest of us to spend Saturday night at their summer cabin at Cameron Lake. Sunday morning delivered yet another clear blue day.
Five of us swam in our birthday suits and agreed that a skinny dip with good friends is far, far better than a day at the office. Barricaded access roads foiled our attempt to climb Mount Arrowsmith. To make up for it we took a dusty, winding logging-road route back to Victoria and washed the dust off twice more, at Francis Lake and Cowichan Lake.

A dozen years have passed since my last acquaintance with Victoria in early September. All is green and lush; we are back in time to pay attention to the fall bird migration. Look up, and chances are we'll spot a few turkey vultures here, a sharp-shinned hawk there. We walk the shore looking for jaegers, phalaropes, perhaps a Cassin's auklet.

I'm happy to report that Jan's dad is improving -- his medical problems being the reason for our early return from Cape Breton -- and his prospects look bright.

The truck-and-camper stand by, still licensed, awaiting an impulse for local adventure. I look for a few open days to avail themselves so we can saddle up and head out to new territory.

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Mary Sanseverino said...

What a good looking group!