Saturday, July 31, 2010

Doris Takes a Fall

Abundant personality, vitality and good nature have brought Doris many friends from one side of the country to the other but myriad charms do not comprise a fortress against the ravages of time. The Dear Old Thing fell last Sunday while doing chores, suffered a very painful fractured sacrum and was hauled off to hospital by ambulance. Six days later she is bedridden, still in hospital, and faces the prospect of weeks of rehab. Her weight is down to less than 95 lbs, her immediate future a mire of uncertainty. Doris’s friends and admirers would pine as much as I do at the sight of her marooned in a hospital bed. The good news is that from the neck up she is as sharp as ever, bright-eyed, still exuding positivity, still smiling.

Sensible folks prefer a big lottery win or a large, unexpected inheritance but my mother is odd: finding a postcard in her mailbox constitutes a major windfall. If you felt moved to drop a line your reward would be the knowledge certain that you’d make her day. Doris is in the Halifax Infirmary, 8.4 CHU, 1796 Summer Street, Halifax NS, B3H 3A6. If a phone call is your cup of tea dial 902-473-1510 and ask to be switched to her room.

Wish her well.


CER Workshop Team said...
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CER Workshop Team said...

Oh no -- what a nasty turn of events. A card, including several photos from this year's winter and spring rambles, is away.

Give her our best wishes from the West Coast.