Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sunshine Returns to CB, Banishing the Blues

At last sunshine came to Big Bras d’Or and banished the blues. We and our guests rejoiced. Steve went to the Margaree River for a day and landed a 12-pound Atlantic salmon. He was the man of the hour: the only successful salmon fisher that day on the storied Margaree.

We enjoyed two musical extravaganzas. On Saturday the Baddeck Ceiildh featured Dwayne Cote, a Cape Breton fiddler I knew nothing about but who just happens to be the best I’ve ever heard. On Thursday at the Red Shoe Pub in Mabou we tucked into fresh Atlantic seafood while listening to Mike Hall, another fiddler extraordinaire. Our server was a delight too: think Eartha Kitt in her youthful prime.

The cabin has been the scene for several ceilidhs of our own. We feasted on lobster one evening, then Steve and Jan shared a morning of lobstering with Captain Kevin on ‘Small Change’. For the most part Steve released the speckled trout he caught at Dalem Lake but on Thursday he kept enough to provide a tasty appetizer prior to the main event of steamed mussels.

The cosmos gentled us: having made a long-sought appearance the sun lingered, for days. We took a bike ride with the kidz and The Great Nagel along the Calabash to Southside Boularderie. For Jan and me it was the first time on two wheels in six or seven weeks. We noticed we’d slipped a notch or ten in bike fitness but aim to make it up in short order.

Steve and Liz were terrific company for ten days but Air Canada took them away today, back to Winnipeg. Our faces are a bit long but it’s only five days ‘til Sakamoto makes another return to Bigador. The merriment rolls on.


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