Friday, August 29, 2008

Cousin Dan Delivers Archival Gold

After nearly a week of fair weather the rain and drizzle returned with a vengeance to Cape Breton. SAD [Seasonal Affective Disorde] erodes the psyche. How marvellous that worthy indoor pursuits have come along to provide relief. Cousin Dan Livingstone came for a visit bearing archival treasure: two of his father Harrison’s old photo albums. I spent hours photographing the old pictures. A selection is available for viewing on my Flickr site.

In the waning days of August Jan is in canning mode. We are the richer for a big cache of green tomato chow and several jars of the prized bakeapples. While Jan preserves I watch for breaks in the rain to snatch opportunities for making progress at construction of a new storage shed. Rainfall amounts for August are two and a half times normal. I have only dim memories of sunny days.

Only a week to go before we head back to the Western Front to mingle with Great War ghosts. I busy myself familiarizing the brain with the whereabouts of key places, battles, cemeteries and grave sites.


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Mary Sanseverino said...

We will expect a few good tales from the trip to Western Front. Post if you get the chance -- even if you can't post photos.

Have a great time! Say hi to Jack.